Sunday 7 December 2014

So CM Punk Signs With The UFC

There's plenty of news stories going about CM Punk signing with the UFC but wrestling fans who are upset, don't forget, Brock Lesnar left the WWE when he wasn't too please with what was going on there, he went to UFC became a huge star, came back to the WWE, took The Undertaker's streak at Wrestle Mania and won the WWE title, which he of course still holds. So maybe, just maybe, Punk will one day come back to the WWE.

As for his potential career, I have to admit, when I first saw the news this morning I didn't think it meant he was going there as a fighter, I just thought it was a commentator or analyst I must admit but then I saw clips of his press conference where he said he will be fighting. Not sure how he will do, I am not much of an MMA fan, haven't watched it since Lesnar was there, I was a fan of Georges St. Pierre before that.

I don't think it's been announced when Punk will debut in the octogon who who against, but I'll give it a watch I guess out of curiosity if nothing else.

Current fans of MMA/UFC who would you like to see Punk go against who is in the weight class he is aiming for?

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