Sunday 28 September 2014

People Don't Like The Obvious By Stel (@Che_Stel)

I guess it’s now safe to say that the butthurt over Brock Lesnar ending the Undertaker’s streak has passed.

Even now I cannot understand what all the fuss was about. Granted, Mark Calaway will go down as one of the greatest Sports Entertainers of all time, but the IWC’s reaction to his Wrestlemania loss is and was beyond pathetic.

For years Wrestling has taken its fair amount cheap shots and endless criticism from “non believers” (its still real to me dammit!), and the PG era hasn’t done much to ease off the “its fake” jibes.

So the moment Vince – or Mark Calaway himself, as many rumours suggest – decide to end the streak in a legitimate manner, people lose their shit!

OK, I get it, the Undertaker is “The Phenom”. He’s supposed to have superhuman powers. No one is supposed to beat him cleanly.
All of this worked in the early 90’s because it was original. The bookings were very well done and the character made kids (myself included) shit themselves.

Times have changed. Most fans are smarks and don’t appreciate being patronised by unimaginative script writers who produce predictable, mundane storylines.

Some were angry because they wanted CM Punk to end the streak. They thought he and Daniel Bryan were the future of the company. Well, we all know how that panned out, don’t we?

So, who else could have ended “The Streak”? Some time ago (around 2 years ago), on this very web page, I suggested a storyline between Taker and Dolph Ziggler (link here:, Ziggler’s career has taken a nose dive and he’ll probably be future endeavoured next year.

Who does that leave then? Orton? Seamus? Batista? Big Show? God forbid Super Cena ends up being the one to take the title from Brock.
Roman Reigns is still green at the moment and is nowhere near to being a main event guy, so who else could it have been??

It had to be Brock Lesnar. There was no other option. It was a no brainer. I mean, why wouldn’t you have the toughest bloke on the roster beat the Undertaker?!

He is a former UFC Champion for starters, so I don’t think you can get more bad ass than that.

Also, many fans will remember that Lesnar was in the WWE prior to joining Dana White’s MMA platform. Therefore, it’s more than likely to rekindle interest in the company of those who lost faith a while ago.

For those of you who are saying “but, but, he’s never on TV. He only turns up every now and then” – so what?! I would rather see Brock Lesnar make an appearance on TV maybe 2 or 3 times a month, as opposed to every RAW and Smackdown.

You people forget that as RAW is 3 hours long, one F5 from Lesnar will be replayed 9-12 times per show! Then there’s Superstars and all the other recap shows.

His character becomes stale and people lose interest and on top of that, by bringing him on TV from time to time keeps him relevant.

I’m pretty sure most of the guys in the locker room could kick the shit out of Mark Calaway in a real fight. After all, here we have a 49 year old man in a 65 year old’s body – but for legitimate (there’s that word again) purposes, Brock Lesnar was the only realistic choice.

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