Saturday, 6 September 2014

It's Just a TV Show

I don't watch the current WWE product but I do listen to many podcasts that cover that product. The podcasts are presented by fans as well as people that have been involved in wrestling in the past, I am not going to name names, I run a podcast myself covering the UK/independent wrestling scene and I know I have my faults so I am not going to bring trouble on myself for no reason but I just needed to write something because some of these podcasts read into things just too much.

I mean they pick a part bit by bit a whole 3 hour episode of RAW and I am like, why bother, I understand you have to give some thoughts for your listeners but ranting about it for 30 mins plus just makes me wonder.

I watch a lot of UK/independent wrestling of course and yes, I may see stuff I don't enjoy but I know one thing for sure, I wouldn't read too much into it and get myself all worked up about it.

That's me done,

Stu Rodgers @WLHSTU

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