Monday 10 June 2013

Was The Montreal Screw Job in Fact A Work? By Stuart Rodgers

I watched 'The Montreal Theory' on DVD a couple of weeks ago, this of course is a documentary on the subject of that infamous 'screw job' back in November 1997. There are a number of wrestling personalities involved in this including Kevin Kelly who was in the WWF at the time.

The underlying thing in this documentary is the question, was Bret Hart involved in on the 'screw job' ?

For years I was so annoyed about this happening, I was a big fan of Bret and when this took place in 97 I always said, McMahon didn't need to do what he did, I knew he was fearing Bret would go on WCW TV as WWF champion and so needed to get the belt off Bret before he left. 

For me, at the time I thought no way would Bret show that disrespect for McMahon and the WWF, yes he was leaving but he was going into a very lucrative contract which came of course with a better financial package and a lot less dates than he was having to do in the WWF.

One of the other people interviewed in this documentary was Raven who of course had a couple of stints in the WWF, first back in 1993 as a manager of The Quebecers but also worked behind the scenes on the production side. Now Raven (Scott Levy) thinks it wasn't a 'work' as there was no pay-off, in short, he thinks that at no point did Bret come back and feud with Vince which is usually what happens at the end of a saga like this. 

I have a few theories on this. First, how do we know Bret wasn't going to come back if he hadn't suffered a concussion at the hands of Goldberg in WCW? Also, I think there was a pay-off as such as Bret earning a massive amount of money, Vince became Mr. McMahon the character and this subsequently played a big part in the Attitude Era which in turn, created a lot of money for the WWF.

In closing, after years of thinking Bret was screwed, I now think it genuinely was one of if not the biggest work in wrestling of all time.

I would like to know what other people think on this matter, if you're on twitter hit me up @WLHSTU

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