Thursday 21 July 2016

The WWE Future Has Finally Arrived By Gary R. Ward

 While most expected it to happen, it was still the biggest news of the night as the WWE shook things up again with the WWE Draft.

Finn Bálor went 5th overall in a pretty exciting first round in the 2016 WWE Draft, Finn went before some established WWE Superstars such as John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and The WWE World Tag Team Champions The New Day, what surprised my most wasn't that Bálor a former 3 time  IWGP Jr Heavyweight was drafted it was with what pick.

Bálor has shown since joining the WWE in May 2014 that not only does he have a unique look and ring style, it's that he can continue to improve in every aspect of being a sports entertainer, once Finn joined WWE's developmental NXT it was obvious to most that he didn't need to improve much inside the ring, infact as shown on his WWE Network special, close friend Matt Bloom (head coach in NXT) confirmed that the WWE didn't need to improve his in ring work, if like myself you've watch Finn as Prince Devitt in NJPW or anywhere across Europe you'd of expected his ring work to be some of the best the WWE has, my initial thought was that Bálor might struggle with his promo work, now as any followers to my twitter will know, I'm a Pro Wrestling fan, I want a storyline to follow, some unique look, mixed with great inring work, the promo/mic skills doesn't really matter to me unless you're on commentary.  

Where I believe  developmental has helped Bálor is infact with his mic skills, if you go back to when he debuted in May 2014 he seems a little awkward and maybe not too sure on what he was saying, what I think we need to understand is that in NJPW he could and mostly did say what he wanted being the leader of the Bullet Club, if you watch NJPW now you can see that the American wrestlers seem to have a licence to say and do as they please, now we all know this wasn't going to be the case with the WWE so this is where I think Finn struggled as following a script didn't seem quite him.

Recently following some fantastic feuds with Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens and an extremely well built match with Shinsuke Nakamura, it really hit me that Bálor 's microphone skills has massively improved, enough so that once he moved to the main roster on promo heavy shows like Raw he wouldn't look out of place while building a storyline, I had the same doubts over AJ Styles as well, WWE and more importantly Raw is so promo heavy that hugely talented in ring workers like Styles and Bálor might struggle with the long drawn out promos, safe to say that following the 14 month stay in NXT  Bálor now has all the tools ready to be an instant success on the WWE main card.

Once Finn was drafted by Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon on Tuesday night, my mind instantly started to dream up matches for him and what's likely to be in his immediate future. The Bálor Club is surely something the WWE is going to go with, before they were drafted I tweeted out saying that Gallows/Anderson is going to be on Raw and with this as a reality I can't not see the original Bullet Club reforming under the WWE umbrella.

As the night continued I took a keen interest on my favourite wrestlers in Balor, Rollins, Styles, Owens and Bray Wyatt, but mostly in Finn Bálor, once the draft began to end I looked at the possibilities open to the WWE and Raw for future matches with the likes of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens... again, Y2J, Cesaro and even the Beast himself Brock Lesnar, these are all WrestleMania matches in themselves.

I truly hope the WWE give Finn Bálor the debut he deserves and build him into the mega star that he's been outside of the main roster, I don't think I've met or spoken to anyone that doesn't enjoy everything that Bálor brings to the ring with his outstanding entrances, the paintwork and he's in ring work, this is truly a once in a generation type star, Triple H has seen what this man can do in NXT and now the future of the WWE has arrived on its flagship show Monday Night Raw.

Let the fun begin.........

Untill next time

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