Sunday 1 June 2014

NXT Takeover Review By Justin DiVirgilio (@JDiVirgilio)

Adam Rose vs. Camacho

The match started out with Adam Rose prancing around ring but Camacho hit him with a clothesline. Camacho hit a huge double underhook suplex. Later in the match, Rose hits a very nice double A Spinebuster and after this the crowd chants, "We are rosebuds!". Rose wins with his own version of a headlock driver. This match was an ok match but the crowd was really into Rose.

NXT Tag Title Match: The Ascension (Konnor & Victor) (c) vs. Kalisto & El Local

The match starts off quick as The Ascension attack Kalisto and El Local. Kalisto & El Local hit simultaneous running ranas on The Ascension. The Ascension rolled out and Kalisto and El Local were going for double suicide dives but The Ascension cut them off with forearms. Kalisto is getting dominated by The Ascension throughout the match. Kalisto makes the tag to El Local and he comes
in taking out the Ascension. Local hit a very nice second rope moonsault for a 2 count on Victor. Eventually the Ascension hit their tag team finisher to retain their titles. This was a good match as I thought The Ascension were good and the crowd was into the entire match.

#1 Contenders Match for the NXT title: Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze

The match starts out both by both men using arm locks on each other. Zayn goes up on the second rope and goes for a boot to the face but Breeze catches it and swings it over the ropes and Zayn falls to the floor. Zayn throws Breeze out of the ring and he hits springboard moonsault out to the floor. Breeze tries to get away from Zayn but Zayn hits the Blue Thunder Bomb. Later in the match Breeze hits a brutal Alley Oop Bomb for a 2 count. Breeze hits an very nice superkick to Zayn after both guys kept reversing each others waist locks. Zayn misses the Helloova kick and hurts his groin. Breeze then hits his finisher the Beauty Shot which is a spinning heel kick for the victory. This was an amazing match as Zayn pulled out a couple of different that wowed the crowd and Breeze showed his aggression and ability in the ring.

Rusev w/ Lana vs. Mojo Rawley segment

Rawley insults Rusev and runs into the ring but is hit with a nasty looking superkick. Rusev put him into the Acolade. Rusev then put Rawley in the Acolade on the entrance ramp. This wasn't even a match as Rusev came out and then Rawley came out and Rusev just beat up Rawley.

Paige comes out and thanks all the fans who come out to NXT. Paige then says how worthy you have to be to hold the NXT Women's title.

NXT Women's Title Match: Charlotte w/ Ric Flair vs. Natalya w/ Bret Hart

The match starts out with some very good technical wrestling as neither woman can gain momentum. Natalya gets a wheel barrel pin but Charlotte kicks out at 2. Charlotte hits a signature Flair chop and Flair starts doing the strut on the outside. Natalya puts Charlotte in a sleeper but Charlotte hits a very nice backpack stunner to break the hold. Natalya hits a very nice stomp to the head and dropkick combo while Charlotte is sitting. Charlotte does a top rope moonsault but Natalya moves out of the way just in time. Charlotte reverses a sharpshooter into a figure four leg lock and then roll around to the floor. Charlotte then leans down off of the apron and keeps the hold applied like Bret Hart would do except he did that with the ring post. Charlotte wins with the front flip face crusher. This was one of the best women's match I have ever seen as both women were both using very good technical wrestling.

NXT Title Match: Tyson Kidd vs. Adrian Neville (c)

The match starts with a lot of technical wrestling but Kidd has the upper hand for a lot of it. As both men get more speed Kidd and Neville begin to mirror each other moves. Kidd throws Neville out of the ring and Kidd hits a plancha through the middle rope on Neville. When both men are back in the ring they hit cross bodies on each other leaving both guys laid out. Kidd goes for powerbomb off of the top rope but Neville reverses it by back flipping off of the second rope. Kidd then runs a Neville but then throws him up and hits a tiger bomb for a 2 count. Neville goes for a middle rope springboard but Kidd jumps up with him and hits a side Russian leg sweep off of the middle rope. Neville then vertical suplexes Kidd over the top rope and both men go to the floor. Neville hits a Rana off of the top rope and then hits his finisher off the top rope for the victory. This a was an awesome match as both guys were so similar in style but also pulled out things that wowed the fans.

Overall this was an amazing show. I believe this show was better than NXT Arrival and had the best match I saw in NXT in Zayn vs. Breeze.

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